Yes, we are a 501c3 and our active EIN is 27-1349745. If you want to add us as your charity of choice to the United Way campaign this number is essential. 

The Columbia Basin Vet Center has received funding through a local endowment as well as a bi-county grant; however, CBVC relies heavily on fundraising events and community donations.

  • Operates two homes for veterans,
  • Offers financial & transportation assistance for qualifying veterans
  • Provides offices for free counseling
  • Offers free recreational activities such as biking, hiking, yoga, fishing and more!
  • Woman Veterans monthly meet-ups

You can come into the CBVC and fill out a SF 180 military record request form or you can follow the steps at

Veteran Service Officers are trained and certified to fill out VA claims and to advocate on your behalf to the VA and others. Please check our resources tab for local VSO's.

No, Columbia Basin Veteran Center (CBVC) is a community-based resource center. CBVC provides services to veterans and partners with other organizations in order to provide a full spectrum of opportunities and access.

Yes! Other then our many volunteer opportunities; we have recreational programs and possibly veteran assistance you may qualify for (for family of veterans).

Call our center to apply to volunteer!