Desiree Dugan


Marketing Director

Desiree Dugan was born and raised in Pasco. After her enlistment in the Marine Corps, Desiree
moved her family from Okinawa back home and went on to graduate with both a B.A.S and Business
Certificate from Columbia Basin College. During her college years Desiree was involved in the
local veteran community. She focused on strengthening the voices of women veterans while working in
the CBC veterans center by organizing multiple Women Veteran Symposiums. Her activism earned her
the 2015 Washington State Department of Veterans, Woman of the year.
Post-graduation Desiree opened a boutique in Yakima. Although her business thrived, winning
the Best Womens Boutique in Yakima in 2017, she decided to close her business to focus on her children
in 2019. The Dugan family moved back to the Tri-Cities and Desiree spent a year catching her breath as a
Rural Carrier for the Post Office. In March 2021 she decided it was time to start a new chapter and left
her position.
Desiree stays active in her community teaching t-ball and art classes for children. Being a
disabled veteran herself, she decided it was time to go back to what she was passionate about. In June of 2021 she was able to c0-mingle helping veterans with her college degree working as the Marketing Director for CBVC. Desiree looks forward to serving her brothers and sisters while assisting in the growth of such a needed local veteran non-profit.