Summer is right around the corner. Get your sunblock out and join us at our upcoming events you see listed under our calendar. 

Over the course of spring, we continued to house homeless veterans, assist those in the Veterans Therapeutic Court program and help veterans get back on their feet through the Veteran Relief fund.

CBVC has received multiple sponsors for our 2nd Annual Veterans Community Golf Classic, but we are still accepting hole and tournament sponsors.

Our Spring Meet & Greet BBQ was a great success. We saw many new faces and were happy to give everyone a tour of our facility. There was live music, lots of grilling and smiles all around.

Autographs are fun memorabilia but how about collecting something owned by a living legend?! Now you can! General Mattis has donated his car to CBVC and we'll be auctioning it off at the 4th Annual Northwest Collector Car Auction. The event is open to the public and the cars will be up for auction internationally. Come out and see where in the world it ends up!

If you have any resource questions, would like to sign up for an event or volunteer; give us a call at 509-545-6558, check our connect tab, or message us on Facebook.