Candice Kildall


I enlisted in the US Army in the spring of 2001, meaning that I was just days away from graduating basic training on 09/11/2001, that event would shape the rest of my military service. After Basic Training, I went to Fort Gordon Georgia, for what at the time was 31 Uniform training (now 25U). Upon completion of my training, I received my first duty assignment, Schofield Barracks Hawaii! I was thrilled with this assignment. It was from this duty station that all of my deployment would take place.

My first deployment was with JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command). I went to Vietnam with JTF75, during which time my team was able to recover and repatriate two service members.

My second deployment was two back to back combat tours in Afghanistan with the 325 FSB in support of OEF4. My primary job in Afghanistan was communications, with the occasional side hustle of female searcher.

After my active duty service, I moved to Walla Walla and started a new adventure in higher education and the Oregon Army National Guard. The Guard provided a great opportunity to serve and attend school. I received my bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University in 2010.

After school, I ETS from the Guard as well as completing my IRR commitments. I then moved to the Tri-Cities and have been here since. I enjoy all that the Tri-Cities has to offer and am happy to be in a place where I can give back and help the community that has become so dear to me.